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Blues Rules Festival 2022

Blues Rules Festival 2022

Recap video / Switzerland


Blues Rules festival is "preachin' the Blues in Europe since 2010". A recap video of the 2022 edition.

La Marche des Lucioles / Ensemble Nautilis

Kreiz ar c'hoajou

Music video / jazz

Album : La Marche des Luciolles

Christophe Rocher and Etienne Cabaret asked me to produce a film for this music, a "strange walk in the forest, where the textures of memories mingle with the song of the moon".

Brain Songs / Ensemble Nautilis

Brain Songs

Video trailer

MUSICAL AND VISUAL show created in June 2020 by three artists with singular universes, # BRAIN SONGS #2 is a dreamlike, immersive and connected show that offers a journey into the brain of a musician

A Montanha sem cume / Brasil

A montanha sem Cume


Directed by Nicolas Corman

A brasilian short movie talking about youth, career and family in the economic capital Brasilia.

Poli X Tica / Brasil

Poli X Tica

Video art installation

Co-work with the artist Lis Marina

Animation & Sound design

5 independants videos screened on structures created for the national museum of Brasilia / LeFresnoy. Political power, international lyings and news paper digestion ...

Sharjah Light Festival / Emirates

Sharjah Light Festival

Video Mapping

Co-animator for a vidéo-mapping show

(25 minutes - 22m x 180 m)
Réal : Artslide / Azarek

Bushfire festival / Swaziland

Bushfire Festival

Vijing and stage design

Swaziland's MTN BUSHFIRE festival was founded six years ago in a spirit of cultural exploration.

Short samples made during one week of music.

In colaboration with C. Ducottet, (DFH Uganda)


VJing and graphic design of the main stage.

The 3d World Festival of Black Arts took place 10–31 December 2010 in Senegal, under the theme of African Renaissance. It was curated by Kwame Kwei-Armah, and participants at the opening ceremony included Youssou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, Angélique Kidjo, Toumani Diabaté, Wyclef Jean, Carlinhos Brown and the Mahotella Queens and a lot more ...

Check some loops and samples done for a one-month show ....

O Nosso Mar / Mozambique

O Nosso Mar

Video art installation

(conception and animation)

Video samples screened on mosquito net created for the exhibition "Mar Nosso" in the French Cultural Center of Maputo, Mozambique

Blind Date / Uganda

Blind Date


Directed by Shams Banji & Cyril Ducottet

Inspired by the Baganda story of creation, the film explores, through the five senses, the birth of a relationship and its pitfalls

Co-management of multimedia production company :
Covering of more than 200 music shows as cameraman & editor.

Music festival : La route du Rock / Le Printemps de Bourges / Les Nuits de Fourvieres / Les Eurockeennes /

Production of visual communication tools for artists and cultural distributors : Virgin / Pias / FNAC / Ninkasi Kao

A lot more of music videos : Neolab /

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